King Company Partners


Clifford A. King started King Company in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1932. The company began as an interiors specialty construction company in the commercial marketplace.

King Company experienced steady growth through the years to become one of the most highly regarded contractors in the region. When Mr. King retired in 1954, he sold the interiors portion of King Company to one of his longtime employees, Cy Geary. Mr. Geary had formerly served in the United States Marine Corps in World War II. During his service to his country, he received two Distinguished Flying Crosses.

Mr. Geary continued to own and operate the company until his retirement in 1995, at which time, his sons, Cyd and Jeff, took over the operation. Cyd Geary started his career with King Company in 1975 and Jeff Geary started in 1982. Since then, King Company has continued to keep the level of performance and professionalism at a very high level.


Recent Projects

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